The Known Universe

This is just incredible, It’s an animation of the known universe.

Click to watch this on youtube for best results. Make the video full screen and watch in HD.

After seeing that I think it’s important to note that because of the rate at which the universe is expanding, and the rate at which this expansion is accelerating, we will never, no matter how powerful a telescope we have be able to see the entire universe. What we can see in this video is only a tiny portion of the whole universe.

As the expansion of the universe continues to accelerate, more and more of the universe will slip away from us and become unobservable until the night’s sky is completely devoid of stars.

Then eventually the universe will die from heat death

But don’t worry, you’ll be dead by then.

Maybe this will cheer you up:

To hear about astronomy from a guy who genuinely knows what he’s talking about, as opposed to a music student, to head to BadAstronomy

New Videos Uploaded

Hi Readers,

I would like you to know that I have just uploaded a new version of “Forbidden Fruit” and a recording of a song I wrote called “One in a Trillion”.

Another recording should be coming very soon and a full band recording sometime after Christmas 😀