Galtres Festival 2012

A few months ago I was one of the winners at Road to Galtres 2012 and got a slot at the Little Top stage at Galtres festival, just after The Buzzcocks came off the main stage.

For those of you who missed the festival, here’s what happened:

We wondered down to the arts barge tent to see what was going on in there and we saw that there was an open mic night. So Abi and I decided to do a song to promote our gig at the Little Top Stage.¬†I noticed a double bass player getting his bass just before we went on so I asked him if he would play a song with us and quickly wrote a chart for our original song ‘Things about you’. He was a really good player and did a great job. The bass player is called Christian Topman. Topman by name, Topman by nature!

After that the Buzzcocks were just starting on the main stage, but we didn’t get there because something awesome happened in the Arts Barge tent. These guys stormed in and kicked up a funky rave (The New York Brass Band):

I have jammed with a couple of these people before. There’s Alasdair Simpson on¬†percussion, and I have jammed with Andrew Cox a couple of years a go when he played sax for my disney band. Here’s a reminder of that:

(That’s me in the corner with the long hair playing keyboards)

And then we went to perform at the Little Top Stage. Here’s a few videos of that:

Here’s Abi singing her song ‘Like You Do’: